My fourth Front-end Web Development Techdegree project.
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Form Structure

  1. [DONE] Only one tag is being used to contain all the form elements.
  2. [DONE] Fieldsets and legends have been added for each of the following sections:
  • "Contact Information" section of the page, and
  • The "Newsletter" section of the page

Project Folders

  1. [DONE] The entire sass project is in a folder named “scss”
  2. [DONE] Variables, mixins and placeholders are in a “utilities” sub-folder
  3. [DONE] Classes for styling the page are in a “components” sub-folder
  4. [DONE] The normalize.css file and element styles are in a “base” sub-folder
  5. [DONE] Subfolders are imported into styles.scss file in correct order


  1. [DONE] Variables file is in a utilities folder
  2. [DONE] At least one variable has been created for each of the following:
  • fonts
  • breakpoints
  • colors


  1. [DONE] A mixin is created for Media Queries
  2. [DONE] A mixin is created for Flexbox settings

Mixins - Exceeds expectations

  1. [DONE] Flexbox mixin has been used at least once
  2. [DONE] Media query mixin is used for all media queries


  1. [DONE] index.html matches overall design of mobile and desktop mockup
  2. [DONE] no_classes.html matches appearance of no_classes_mockup.png file
  3. [DONE] index.html file has not been changed