My sixth Front-end Web Development Techdegree project.
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  1. [DONE] An array of strings has been created for the phrases
  2. [DONE] 5 phrases are in the array
  3. [DONE] Phrases in array include only letters and spaces

Phrase display

  1. [DONE] A random, unknown phrase is chosen when the page loads
  2. [DONE] Each letter and space is appended to the phrase display
  3. [DONE] Only letters in the phrase have the class “letter”

Exceeds Expectations

  1. [DONE] Transitions have been added to the phrase display


  1. [DONE] Clicking a letter present in the phrase adds the “show” class to those letters in the display
  2. [DONE] Clicking a letter not present in the phrase removes a chance from the scoreboard
  3. [DONE] No letter can be clicked twice
  4. [DONE] Clicking space between letters does nothing

Game Over

  1. [DONE] If a player makes 5 wrong guesses, the “lose” overlay is shown
  2. [DONE] If all the letters in the phrase are shown, the “win” overlay is shown

Exceeds Expectations

  1. [DONE] A button has been added to the “lose” and “win” overlays to reset the game