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ST-Guide compatible hypertext compiler & viewers


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Project HypView

The project HypView aims at developing a free ST-Guide replacement.
ST-Guide is a hypertext viewer for TOS compatible systems and used
to display online help in many applications. It allows to read
documentations not only in a linear manner (from beginning to end),
but also to freely jump across chapters by clicking on a highlighted
text passage. Today this is a very familiar concept for everybody
browsing through the world wide web using HTML pages.
ST-Guide files are recognized by their file extension (HYP) and are
often accompanied by .REF files.

This project was started by Philipp Donze in 2001 as a private,
one-man project. Until beginning of 2004 a varying number of beta 
testers helped to improve the application. Thanks to the contributions
of Gerhard Stoll, the project progressed more until 2006 when the
sources have gone "public" under the initiative of Odd Skancke (which
ported also the sources to gcc).
In 2016, Thorsten Otto started to implement the remaining tools dealing
with hypertext files (most notably the compiler, hcp). He also wrote
viewers for Unix and Windows platforms.
Today the project (including its sources) is freely available under 
the GNU Public License (GPL, provided in COPYING). The former source
code is available through the GIT repository of FreeMiNT (in the 
'freemint/tools/hypview' directory). Current source code is available

  This application is provided as is. It has not been fully tested.
  The program comes WITHOUT warranty of any kind!
  Use it at your OWN RISK!

Philipp Donze (PhilippDonze .at.,
Gerhard Stoll (gerhard_stoll .at.
Odd Skanke (ozk .at.
Thorsten Otto (admin .at.

If you have problems using HypView, please contact one of the authors.
We're also glad to receive comments, ideas and suggestions!

(Philipp Donze
Chavornay, 11th march 2006)
Thorsten Otto
Essen, 8th march 2018)