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25 August 2019: Version 1.0.2

First release made by me (Thorsten Otto)

Notable changes:

  • all codecs recompiled as SLBs, making them much smaller
  • Update PDF library to 4.01.01
  • PDF is now a plugin of its own, only loaded when needed
  • Third-Party-Libraries like TIFF, PNGLIB, ZLIB etc. take up their
    memory only once (ZLIB for example is needed by several modules)
  • Separate versions for 68k, 68020+ and ColdFire are available
  • Degas module now also handles overscan sizes

Bug Fixes:

  • Registered file types are not longer restricted to exactly 3 characters.
  • TIFF module will no longer register itself for *.IFF (use *.TIF or *.TIFF
    instead, *.IFF should be reserved for Interchange File Format).
  • Fixes for animated GIFs, mostly taken from Lonny Pursells updated version
  • Fixes for IMG format module, mostly taken from Lonny Pursells updated version.
    Supports now also Hi-Color and True-Color images.

Known Bugs:

  • There are still some animated GIFs that are not displayed correctly
  • Some bugs that were reported on Zorro's site (
  • The HyperText documentation has not yet been updated.
  • The TIFF library sometimes prints warnings on the console
  • The TIFF library per default only supports up to 16 bits/sample (that is,
    48 bits/pixel for RGB formats). Some images from their test archive
    are therefore not displayed