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It is an educational project which demonstrates the creation of a OSX-bundle for Java applications. The code is distributed under the LGPL.

I was confronted with the task to create an OSX-bundle for an existing Java application and I was googled for an extensive example, but didn't found any one. Many existing applications expected their resources inside their working directory. But if you have an OSX-bundle (built with the appbundler), the working directory and the home directory are identical.

The build.xml shows how the appbundler-task must be initialized, so that:

  • the working directory of the application and the resource directory of the OSX-bundle are identical
  • 3rd-party-libraries are respected

The presented solution is valid for Java 1.7+ and OSX 10.7+.

Call to Action

If you find a bug or miss certain features, don't hesitate to make a pull-request.

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