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To Use:

1. Define your CLASSPATH and Java executable in the manual_environment file
2. Add or remove JAR files and paths to .class files as needed
3. Ensure the path to the native OpenGL libraries are in the library path
4. Run scripts using like it is ./ -f ./MyApp.scm

To Use with Maven (to add actual java code into the dummy source code files):

1. Install various libraries into your Maven repository (see maven_installs.txt for examples)
2. Run "mvn package"
3. Edit the to point to your newly built jar plus the native libraries for OpenGL (if needed)
4. Run scripts using like it is ./ -f ./MyApp.scm
5. Email me what you think :D

To compile to bytecode .class file:

1. Follow one or both the above
2. Start the Kawa interpreter with the -C flag pointed at your script source
3. See -h for help, or included example PolarUnravel from toxiclibs


1. While compiles the code, this isn't requrired, you can simply:

	./ -f PolarUnravel.scm

2. The Maven layout includes a starting point from the default template with which you can add your own Java.

Required libraries as presented here:

Processing core at
GLGraphics at
toxiclibs at
Kawa at


Looking at live coding, but will have to pass the g object to the new class and make sure to register the class properly.