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This browser extension for Firefox/Chrome allows users to add selected words to their vocabulary lists from any website.


Instructions at the releases page.

Basic usage

Make sure that your browser has been logged in into once.

Select a word or range of words on any website, right click, and you'll be able to:

  • Start learning the selected word(s)
  • Add the word(s) to one of your lists (they will appear in a dropdown menu)
  • Add the word(s) to a new list.

Vocabulary lists with examples & descriptions

The plugin can detect words, descriptions and examples in a text selection. This serves as a more flexible alternative for's 'Edit as a List' feature.

Separating words

Words are separated by spaces, newlines or commas. Words with multiple parts should be single quoted.

Example 1: running the plugin on

these 'are some' very, complicated 

will result in the words ['these', 'are some', 'very', 'complicated', 'words'].

Descriptions & Examples

When written in a specific format, the plugin can extract descriptions and examples, as used in

Descriptions start with a dash - and end with a comma ,. Words containing a - should be single quoted.

Example sentences are double quoted and put directly after the word they exemplify.

Example 2: putting it all together. Running the plugin on:

extirpation - What a creepy word, "She extirpated the carrot."
modulation - of signals, conflagration baguette "Baguette, one of those French words." 
'Hocus pocus' - wizardry, 'tik-tak' finale

will result in the extraction of:

[ { word: 'extirpation',
    description: 'What a creepy word',
    example: 'She extirpated the carrot.' },
  { word: 'modulation' 
    description: 'of signals' },
  { word: 'conflagration' },
  { word: 'baguette',
    example: 'Baguette, one of those French words.' },
  { word: 'Hocus pocus', description: 'wizardry' },
  { word: 'tik-tak' },
  { word: 'finale' } ]