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CLI tool to upload lookups from a Kindle to
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Voc Uploader

A simple CLI app to upload the dictionary lookups from any book on your Amazon Kindle to a list.

Enabled by the unofficial API (GitHub).

1 - Select the lookups you want to upload (in CLI)

2 - Learn them in

For everyone who thinks learning words on a Kindle device is not the best way. This app joins a range of other projects that do the same for other vocabulary services (Memrise, ANKI), ...

Currently in a working proof-of-concept state.


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Connect your Kindle via USB. Locate your vocab.db file, making sure that you can see hidden files in your file manager. On my macOS system it's in /Volumes/Kindle/system/vocabulary/vocab.db
  3. Copy vocab.db to somewhere on your file location (so you don't mess with the original).
  4. Create a file config.js in the repo with the following content:
    module.exports = {
        voc_username: "<your username>",
        voc_password: "<your password>",
        db_path: "<path to your Kindle's vocab.db file>"
    Note: for now you need to create an explicit password for your account if you only used OAuth login before (eg. Google). A way to support any login is in the works.


Run node index.js An interactive CLI will guide you through the process of uploading a list for a book.


  • Interactive Kindle device handling (plug & play, no explicit vocab.db reference)
  • A GUI to (de)select unintended words at upload time.
  • Testing/support for more e-readers with this function

You may also be interested in: Voc Enhancer (GitHub), the browser plugin that enhances word collection & learning in

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