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List of libraries

Below, a list of libraries to interact with the Mastodon API, sorted by programming language and library name.

Language Library Developer(s)
Apex (Salesforce) apex-mastodon
C# (.NET Standard) Mastodot
C# (.NET Standard) Mastonet
C# (.NET Standard) TootNet
C# (.NET) mastodon-api-cs
C# (.NET) Mastodon.Net
Elixir hunter
Go go-mastodon
Go madon
Haskell hastodon
Java mastodon4j
JavaScript libodonjs
JavaScript (Browser) mastodon.js
JavaScript (Node.js) node-mastodon
JavaScript (Node.js) mastodon-api
Perl Mastodon::Client
PHP Mastodon API for Laravel
PHP Mastodon-api-php
PHP Composer based php API wrapper
PHP MastodonOAuthPHP
PHP Phediverse Mastodon REST Client
Wordpress Mastodon Wordpress API
R mastodon
Ruby mastodon-api
Rust mammut
Scala scaladon
Swift MastodonKit
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