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TimeHive is a open-source webbased timesheet/time tracking software developed with PHP (Symfony Framework). You can follow TimeHive on Twitter if you want to keep up to date: TimeHive on Twitter

You can find the Issue-Tracker on Lighthouse

System requirements

Client: The current development version of TimeHive is only tested with Firefox browsers. There is no guarantee that it work with other browsers at the moment. Server: Every webserver with PHP 5.2.x or higher should be capable to run TimeHive.

There will be a hosted version of TimeHive in the future.

Language versions

TimeHive is only available in english and german at the moment. Let me know if you want to help with translating to other languages.


At the moment there is no installation automatic process to help you doing a proper installation of Timehive. For now you have to do the following steps manually

  1. Get your copy of TimeHive via GitHub.
  • Please use the official download-package for this. Only these package including the needed Symfony-Libraries! The current release package is V.1.3.5
  1. Copy the sourcecode to one of your Webservers.

  2. Create a virtual host with the web-directory as the root-folder. If you have an existing Webserver with a given file structure rename the webfolder with the root folder of your webserver. Do not (!!) copy the entire timehive folder to the root folder!

  3. Start running the commanline-installer with the following command. This installer will guide you through some questions to complete you installation

    php symfony timehive:install --env=prod

  4. If you want to use automatic reminder E-Mails you need to add the following command to a cronjob (Once a day, for example at 22:00 o'clock)

    php symfony timehive:check-missing-bookings --env=prod --application=frontend

  5. You are done! Open your browser and log in :)