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If you're like me you have many accounts scattered across the internet that need logins. Current advice seems to be to use unique passwords for every account.

Managing lots of passwords, while not always easy, is only half the problem and there exist many tools to assist in doing so. This project attempts to address the other half of the problem: coming up with the passwords.

Inspired by

Basic Installation and Usage


  • a raspberry pi
  • a microSD card with
    • raspbian jessie
    • gpiozero
    • one of the packages listed here


  1. clone this repository or download and pwdgen.cfg
  2. make sure and pwdgen.cfg are in the same directory
  3. make sure has execute permission
  4. if required edit the options in pwdgen.cfg

Usage: ./ For basic help: -h

Advanced Usage



Don't blame me if you get a password you consider offensive. The are just too many possibilities to even attempt to filter themout. is derrived from here:

LCD support is based on this:

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