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MediaWiki skin based on Twitter's Bootstrap
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Tweeki, a Bootstrap based skin for MediaWiki

Tweeki is a skin for MediaWiki (1.25+) based on Twitter's Bootstrap (v3.3.7). It tries to implement as much of Bootstrap's functionality as possible, allowing to use it very easily and with very reduced markup, and features many configuration options.

You can find an instance of Tweeki in action and the extended documentation at the project's website

Get started

  1. Change to the "skins" subdirectory of your MediaWiki installation:

    cd skins
  2. Clone the repository:

    git clone Tweeki
  3. Add the following to LocalSettings.php:

    wfLoadSkin( 'Tweeki' );
    $wgDefaultSkin = "tweeki";

Optional configuration

Please refer to the project's website for further information about configuration and customization options.

Licensing, Copying, Usage

Tweeki is open source, and built on open source projects.

Please check out the LICENSE file for details.

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