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ZooKeeper-based Java Concurrency Libraries
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If you see a bug, think of an issue, or just would like to make some commentary, please do! We appreciate all the help that we can get. Just fork and send us a pull request on github.


April 26, 2011: We're moving to maven. It's usually a lot easier to use for these kinds of projects, and it's going to be helpful since our other big task right now is to begin a full ordeal to heavily test the functionality of everything, and (hopefully) improve the general performance. More information to follow!

April 22, 2011: We've branch 1.0! the 1.0 code has been in production at NISC for about 6 months now, and has been working great. However, we've recently started taking a look at some improvements that can be made, so we're going to take menagerie forward. To maintain compatibility we've done a branch so that you don't have to worry about backwards compatibility issues if you already have it in place! Jan 29, 2011: ZkHashMap is ready to be tried out! More testing is probably in order before the @Beta annotation is pulled off for good, but it is close to completion.

Jan 11, 2011: ZkSemaphore, a ZooKeeper-based implementation of a Semaphore, is now ready for the 1.0 release!

Jan 11, 2011: A ZooKeeper-based Implementation of a ConcurrentHashMap is coming soon! To see current progress, check out ZkHashMap. It is already mostly useable, but a few more features and more testing warrant development.

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