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An exercise in writing a stateful social game server in Clojure to compare language and runtime environment against Erlang.

Main building blocks used are Aleph, Lamina, Netty, zookeeper-clj and ZooKeeper itself.

Either add your AWS S3 credentials in src/grimoire/config.clj or change the respective functions in src/grimoire/storage.clj to return nil.

Make sure you have ZooKeeper installed and running per these instructions then do:

$ lein deps
$ lein protobuf
$ lein run

$ curl http://localhost:4000/123/setup
$ curl -X POST -d '{"id":1,"x":7,"y":7}' http://localhost:4000/123/map/add

You will almost certainly need Leiningen 2 to run this project.



grimoire is Copyright © 2012 Marc Haemmerle

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.