A basic set of akka helper java classes and examples such as map reduce
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This is a set of basic Java examples for akka.

Getting Started

You will need to install Apache Maven. If you're using Eclipse, it is recommended that you install the m2e plugin. Once you've properly installed and configured Maven, you can then use it to easily download all of jibenakka's needed dependencies.

The actual sample code can be found in the sample package, while supporting classes are located in the adjoining packages. Currently there are the following samples:

Word Count Map Reduce

This sample app peforms map reduce to count words in files using a combination of akka Actors and Futures. It can be found under the mapreduce package within the sample package.

Supervisor Hierarchy Fault Tolerance

This sample app demonstrates creating a hierarchy of Actors. This is currently a work in progress. It can be found under the fault package within the sample package.