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Go wrapper for liboqs; allows Go applications to use quantum-resistant KEMs


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goliboqs is a Go wrapper around liboqs, which contains C implementations of NIST post-quantum candidate algorithms. This enables Go applications to use quantum-resistant key encapsulation mechanisms (KEMs) on Linux.


Sample usage is shown below. Error handling omitted for brevity.

// Load the library (don't forget to close)
lib, _ := goliboqs.LoadLib("/path/to/")
defer lib.Close()

// Get a particular KEM (don't forget to close)
kem, _ := lib.GetKem(goliboqs.KemKyber1024)
defer kem.Close()

// Use the kem...
publicKey, secretKey, _ := kem.KeyPair()
sharedSecret, ciphertext, _ := kem.Encaps(publicKey)
recoveredSecret, _ := kem.Decaps(ciphertext, secretKey)
// sharedSecret == recoveredSecret

Running tests

Tests assume liboqs has been installed into /usr/local/liboqs.

Related projects

go-tls-key-exchange is a fork of Go that supports bespoke key exchanges for TLS 1.3. When combined with this project, it enables quantum-resistant TLS in Go.