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A mod that adds:

  • Friendlist /fhelp for commands
    • sound when a friend joins/leaves/talks (different talk sound from non-friends)
    • highlight friends in scoreboard
  • Sound when someone talks in public chat. Also different sound for teamchat.
  • Changeable ingame rifle trail: color, width, duration, particle (ie use the trail from pistol) F2 for gui.
    • Color can random or per team, per trail (you can have up to 3 different trails at a time) or both. Each trail color can be adjusted seperately.
    • Width and duration are global for each kind of trail.
    • Particle: you can replace the smoke trail with snow, water, steam, flame or spark. You can also use "lightning" as trail and/or "laser" as trail (pistol trail).
  • Different sounds per team for flag captures/drops/returns/resets/takes (can change them in aMod/sounds.cfg).
  • Client side (only you can see them) changeable chat colors ingame (inspired by sauerFR) for: Self name, Self chat, allies's chat when dead, allies's chat when alive, enemies's chat when dead, enemies's chat when alive, names teamchatting, teamchat, spectators's name, spectators's chat
  • Show spectated person's cn in hud even when there are no duplicate names (white color) or pink color if there are duplicate names.
    • Highlight spectated person in scoreboard with changeable highlight color (overwrites friend color while spectating a friend)