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Thali Project

An experiment to see what it takes to create a peer to peer web

Popular repositories

  1. Thali_CordovaPlugin Public archive

    Thali p2p plugin

    JavaScript 223 45

  2. Provides a JAR and an AAR for embedding the Tor Onion Proxy into a Java or Android Program

    Java 151 83

  3. thali Public archive

    Our root repository for all of our projects

    JavaScript 84 13

  4. postcardapp Public archive

    A sample app to demonstrate how to build Thali applications

    HTML 21 7

  5. node_acl_pouchdb Public archive

    PouchDB adapter for the Node_ACL project

    JavaScript 12 3

  6. jxcore Public archive

    Forked from jxcore/jxcore

    Evented IO for Chakra, SpiderMonkey & V8 JavaScript

    JavaScript 12 4


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