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(#417) Replication #740

wants to merge 57 commits into from

(#417) Replication #740

wants to merge 57 commits into from


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@yaronyg yaronyg commented Jun 24, 2016

@jareksl I know this is huge but it's not going to get any smaller and I need to check it in sometime. It won't pass CI tests because of the Express-PouchDB problem but that will hopefully just be a bug fix. Please ignore all the java files as those are part of #720 and will be reviewed there. So please just pay attention to, well, everything else. A lot of the changes are just linting so in reviewable it should be easy to see that something is just a spacing change and not changing content. Sorry for dumping this monster on you but somebody has to do it. :)

This change is Reviewable

yaronyg and others added 30 commits Apr 7, 2016
TeamReadMe - Linting

testThaliNotificationAction - Check that action is in KILLED state after
start returns

thaliNotificationAction - Making sure we go to killed state upon

thaliNotificationClient - Linting

thaliReplicationPeerAction - Starting on the journey to implementing this.

thaliPeerAction - Linting
testLocalSeqManager, localSeqManager, thaliPullReplicationFromNotifiction,
thaliReplicationPeerAction - First skeletal work on replication

thaliConfig - Added EC curve definition and some arguments for replication

thaliSendNotificationBasedOnReplication - Exposing APIs to get
public keys and secrets

thaliWiFiInfrastructure - Call our public key api

thaliReplicationManager - Adding in SALTI and hooking things up

package.json - Add in SALTI as well as express-pouchdb

thaliPeerAction - Fixed error in spec

testThaliNotification, testThaliNotificationAction,
testThaliNotificationClient, testThaliNotificationLocal,
testThaliNotificationServer, testThaliPeerDictionary,
thaliNotificationBeacons - Replaced the hard coded calls to our EC curve
with the thaliconfig version

# Conflicts:
#	thali/package.json
testLocalSeqManager - Playing around with how we need to set things so
that our calls will work

testUtils - Let us get a raw level down enabled PouchDB instance

localSeqManager - Clean up, still not done

thaliPullReplicationFromNotification - Fixed typos

thaliReplicationPeerAction - Mostly doc cleanup

thaliReplicationManager - Clean up paths and removing SALTI for now

thaliWifiInfrastructure - Removed unnecessary value
testThaliMobileNativeWrapper.js - Hardened the tests so they would pass
even when the Bluetooth stack is being wonky. Fixed bug #717 to make
us properly handle turning off Bluetooth.

testUtils - Create a hardened HTTP GET that will keep trying even when
there are connection failures.

README - Fixed a syntax error in instructions

testIdentityExchangeEndPoint, testLiveIdentityExchange,
testSmallerHashStateMachine - Lint
testThaliMobileNative - The last test would hang if anything went wrong,
now it has a time out. Note that the time out isn't perfect and causes
a double call to .end and no I don't care right now.

testThaliMobileNativeWrapper - Removed spurious logger definition

testUtils - Turns out that code that runs before we set Mobile in test
situations use testUtils so I had to delay us loading
thaliMobileNativeWrapper (which we need for one test function) until after
everything else to make sure we didn't load thaliMobileNativeWrapper before
mobile was defined.
testLocalSeqManager - Added a bunch of tests, the last one in the file is
failing because I don't properly return a promise in the case where
we are waiting for a timer to expire in order to run the next update. Will
fix tomorrow.

httpTester - Added utility to do GETs to a PSK server

localSeqManager - Fixing lots of bugs and adding functionality

utilities - Linting
Readme - Add docs on --waitforInstance

testLocalSeqManager - All non-coordinate tests are now done and passing!

testLocalSeqManagerCoordinate - Still debugging why this isn't working

httpTester - Added some PSK tests for getting docs and sequence #s

testUtils - Created utilites to validate combined result objects and
generate a remote facing PSK PouchDB server object

package.json - In both cases I updated lie because I thought there was a
bug in lie but there was actually a bug in my own code. Oh well. Didn't
seem to hurt anything.

thaliNotificationServer - Mostly linting but also explicitly setting the
response to 200

localSeqManager - I hardened this so no matter what we won't have more
than two request promises outstanding.

thaliPeerPoolDefault - Now catch and log errors

testThaliMobile, testThaliNotificationBeacons, testThaliNotificationLocal,
testThaliNotificationServer, testThaliPeerDictionary,
testThaliWifiInfrastructure, thaliMobile - fixing casing and reference
issues around thaliConfig that were caused because I moved our elliptical
curve setting there.

testThaliPeerPoolDefault, httpTester, thaliConfig,
thaliMobileNativeWrapper, thaliWifiInfrastructure - Removed our dependency
on the bogus certs we needed before Shawn fixed a bug in how PKS support
worked in JXcore on TLS.
I screwed up and for some reason thought that sequence IDs for records
in _local were supposed to use the hashed version of the public key. I
also screwed up and previously thought that the record prefix was
supposed to be thali instead of thali_. And while I was fixing my
screw ups I also moved the thali_ prefix into thaliConfig.

testLocalSeqManagerCoordinated - Linting

testThaliSendNotificationBasedOnReplication - moved the prefix to

httpTester - Fixed syntax for sequence ID

localSeqManager - Fixed ID generation

thaliSendNotificationBasedOnReplication - Moved id prefix

thaliConfig - Added ID prefix here
I ran into some issues that may or may not have been caused by the fact
that I am running older versions of some dependencies than a fresh install
would get. This kind of inconsistency leads to madness so for now we'll
hard code specific versions rather than use Semver. I filed an issue,
#266 to specify that we need to use something like greenkeeper so we
can update when new versions of our dependencies come out.
package.json - Was using the new syntax with an old version of randomstring
so needed to upgrade.

makeIntoCloseAllServer - Fixed an old bug where I screwed up splice
@yaronyg yaronyg assigned yaronyg and unassigned jareksl Jul 7, 2016
@yaronyg yaronyg added this to the New Infra milestone Jul 11, 2016
@yaronyg yaronyg added 2 - Ready and removed 3 - Working labels Jul 22, 2016
Create a custom Thali PouchDB constructor utility
Fixed default adapter and test of pouchdb generator
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@ThaliTester ThaliTester commented Aug 3, 2016

PR is added to the queue for testing as 2. task. (56750c6)

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@ThaliTester ThaliTester commented Aug 3, 2016

@artemjackson artemjackson mentioned this pull request Aug 24, 2016
35 of 35 tasks complete
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@yaronyg yaronyg commented Aug 26, 2016

Closing in favor of vNext_yarong_417_812

@yaronyg yaronyg closed this Aug 26, 2016
@yaronyg yaronyg removed the 2 - Ready label Aug 26, 2016
@evabishchevich evabishchevich deleted the vNext_yarong_417_1 branch Feb 22, 2017
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