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+# ABSTRACT: Find URL to distribution that contains a given package
+# PODNAME: pkg-locate
+use strict;
+use warnings;
+use Getopt::Long;
+use Pod::Usage;
+use Package::Locator;
+my @opts_spec = qw(cache_dir|cache=s);
+GetOptions(\my %opts, @opts_spec) || pod2usage();
+my @wanted = @ARGV ? @ARGV : pod2usage();
+my $locator = Package::Locator->new(%opts);
+my %found = map { my $p = $_; $p => $locator->locate($p) || '' } @wanted;
+my $longest = (sort { $b <=> $a } map { length } keys %found)[0];
+printf "%-${longest}s => %s\n", $_, $found{$_} for sort keys %found;
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+ pkg-locate [ --cache=/some/dir ] PACKAGE_NAME_OR_DIST_PATH ...
+L<pkg-locate> is a simple command line tool demonstrating the use
+of L<Package::Locator>. For each package, L<pkg-locate> will report
+the URL of a distribution that will provide that package.
+The arguments are the names of packages (e.g. 'FOO::Bar') or paths to
+distributions as they would appear in a CPAN-like index file
+(e.g. 'F/FO/FOO/Bar-1.2.tar.gz').
+=head1 OPTIONS
+=head2 --cache = /some/path
+A directory that will be used to cache index files for future
+lookups. If this directory does not exist it will be created for you.
16 lib/Package/
@@ -313,10 +313,22 @@ All the attributes listed below can be passed to the constructor, and
retrieved via accessor methods with the same name. All attributes are
read-only, and cannot be changed once the object is constructed.
+The L<CPAN> module also provides a mechanism for locating packages or
+distributions, much like L<Package::Locator> does. However, L<CPAN>
+assumes that all repositories are CPAN mirrors, so it only searches
+the first repository that it can contact.
+My secret ambition is to fill the world with lots of DarkPAN
+repositories -- each with its own set of distributions. For that
+scenario, I need to search multiple repositories at the same time.
=head1 SEE ALSO
-If you need to find a precise version of a package/distribution rather
-than just a version that is "new enough", then look at some of these:
+If you need to locate a distribution that contains a precise version
+of a file rather than just a version that is "new enough", then look
+at some of these:

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