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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use Path::Class;
use Pinto::Tester::Util qw(make_dist_obj);
my $dist = make_dist_obj(author => 'FOO', archive => 'Bar-1.2.tar.gz');
is($dist->author, 'FOO', 'dist author');
is($dist->archive, 'Bar-1.2.tar.gz', 'dist archive');
is($dist->source, 'LOCAL', 'Source defaults to q{LOCAL}');
is($dist->name, 'Bar', 'dist name');
is($dist->vname, 'Bar-1.2', 'dist name');
is($dist->version, '1.2', 'dist version');
is($dist->is_local, 1, 'is_local is true when origin eq q{LOCAL}');
is($dist->is_devel, q{}, 'this is not a devel dist');
is($dist->path, 'F/FO/FOO/Bar-1.2.tar.gz', 'Logical archive path');
is($dist->native_path('here'), file( qw(here F FO FOO Bar-1.2.tar.gz) ), 'Physical archive path, with base');
is("$dist", 'FOO/Bar-1.2.tar.gz', 'Stringifies to author/archive');
$dist = make_dist_obj(author => 'FOO', archive => 'Bar-4.3_34.tgz', source => 'http://remote');
is($dist->source(), 'http://remote', 'Non-local source');
is($dist->name(), 'Bar', 'dist name');
is($dist->vname(), 'Bar-4.3_34', 'dist vname');
is($dist->version(), '4.3_34', 'dist version');
is($dist->is_local(), q{}, 'is_local is false when dist is remote');
is($dist->is_devel(), 1, 'this is a devel dist');
$dist = make_dist_obj(author => 'AUTHOR', archive => 'Foo-2.0.tar.gz');
my %formats = (
'm' => 'r',
'p' => 'A/AU/AUTHOR/Foo-2.0.tar.gz',
's' => 'l',
'S' => 'LOCAL',
'a' => 'AUTHOR',
'd' => 'Foo',
'D' => 'Foo-2.0',
'w' => '2.0',
'u' => 'UNKNOWN',
while ( my ($placeholder, $expected) = each %formats ) {
my $got = $dist->to_formatted_string("%$placeholder");
is($got, $expected, "Placeholder: %$placeholder");
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