test failure in t/22-list.t version 0.044 #13

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mschout commented Jul 19, 2012

Guessing you already know about this, but 0.044 is not installable because the test fails. cpan-testers results show only success on Freebsd 8 (and guessing that one is a false positive). It fails everywhere else in t/22-list.t with this error:

Can't call method "name" on an undefined value at lib/Pinto/Schema/Result/Registration.pm line 298. at lib/Pinto.pm line 59.

Which to me makes it look like the stack value is undef?

I tried backporting t/22-list.t to 0.043. I had to cherrypick the "allow StackAt" commit onto 0.043 to get to the same point, but 0.043 also fails in the exact same place.

mschout commented Jul 19, 2012

Adding some debug on the Registration::to_string method, it seems the value coming in has:

'_inflated_column' => {
'stack' => undef,
'package' => $VAR1->{'related_resultsets'}{'package'}{'all_cache'}[0]
'_column_data' => {
'stack' => 2,
'distribution_path' => 'M/MS/MSCHOUT/Foo-0.01.tar.gz',
'is_pinned' => 0,
'package_name' => 'Foo',
'id' => 1,
'package_version' => '0.01',
'package' => 1
}, 'Pinto::Schema::Result::Registration' ); at blib/lib/Pinto.pm line 59.

So stack column value is "2", but the inflated stack column is undef. Not sure why this happens.

thaljef commented Jul 24, 2012

The root cause is likely something in DBIx::Class (see https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=78456).

For now, I've done a workaround and released it as Pinto-0.045.

@thaljef thaljef closed this Jul 24, 2012
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