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PINTO_REPOSITORY env var ignored #5

fibo opened this Issue Mar 14, 2012 · 4 comments

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fibo commented Mar 14, 2012

According to perldoc pinto-admin, it is possible to use the PINTO_REPOSITORY environment variable to point to the root dir of my repository.

Set PINTO_REPOSITORY and create repo.

[omniture@omnituretest ~]$ export PINTO_REPOSITORY=/store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314
[omniture@omnituretest ~]$ mkdir $PINTO_REPOSITORY
[omniture@omnituretest ~]$ pinto-admin -vvv create
Must specify a repository root directory at /store/Perl//5.14.2/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.14.2/App/Pinto/Admin/Command/ line 52.

Try it again but with --root option.

[omniture@omnituretest ~]$ pinto-admin -vvv --root=$PINTO_REPOSITORY create
Making directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/.pinto/config
Making directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/modules
Making directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/.pinto/cache
Making directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/.pinto/db
Creating database at /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/.pinto/db/pinto.db
Writing index at /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/modules/02packages.details.txt.gz
Making directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314/authors
Created new repository at directory /store/Perl/CPAN/mirror_20120314

Also the "import" command ignores the PINTO_REPOSITORY environment var.

[omniture@omnituretest ~]$ pinto-admin -vvv import PNI
Error: Must specify a repository root directory
Usage: pinto-admin [-qrv] [long options...]
-r --root Path to your repository root directory
--nocolor Do not colorize diagnostic messages
-q --quiet Only report fatal errors
-v --verbose More diagnostic output (repeatable)

@thaljef thaljef pushed a commit that referenced this issue Mar 14, 2012
Jeffrey Ryan Thalhammer Fixed issue #5 68440c4
thaljef commented Mar 15, 2012

Fixed and released to the CPAN as Pinto-0.033. Thanks for reporting this!

@thaljef thaljef closed this Mar 15, 2012
fibo commented Mar 16, 2012

Thanks, this is not a blocker problem, but it is really confortable to just set my env ( was the first thing I did :)

thaljef commented Mar 16, 2012

I also fixed the problem you saw with the index file not being updated after importing. It's all in version 0.033. Cheers!

fibo commented Mar 17, 2012

Great! Thank you very much, so now Pinto + cpanm can be officially adopted in my job place as CPAN mirror system. I will report you other issues or feedback I can give you to contribute.

Cheers and congratulations for your work!

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