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karenetheridge commented Mar 29, 2012

A simple file logger.

This branch is based off of topic/new_logger, so look at that first :)

karenetheridge added some commits Mar 28, 2012

@karenetheridge karenetheridge inject authordep for StopWords c29ed99
@karenetheridge karenetheridge spelling 4db8a30
@karenetheridge karenetheridge standard .gitignore content 7117d06
@karenetheridge karenetheridge Convert uses of auto_deref to using the Array or Hash trait, as per M…
…oose best practices
@karenetheridge karenetheridge fix BUILDARGS to wrap the code from Moose::Object and any roles that …
…may be applied, rather than overriding.
@karenetheridge karenetheridge construct the logger attribute inside the Logger role, to avoid dupli…
…cate code
@karenetheridge karenetheridge construct the config attribute inside the Configurable role, to avoid…
… duplicate code
@karenetheridge karenetheridge make root_dir an alias, rather than its own attribute cc8fb83
@karenetheridge karenetheridge Convert to using Log::Dispatch, with colour support! e39ce29
@karenetheridge karenetheridge test in separate scopes, to ensure information does not leak between …
…sections (helps for debugging)
@karenetheridge karenetheridge make all log messages match their respective levels e147675
@karenetheridge karenetheridge test all levels in each section c490738
@karenetheridge karenetheridge turn off screen output by default when a filehandle is being used 2fafdc7
@karenetheridge karenetheridge avoid adding logger => undef to the args list - Logger barfs be2b044
@karenetheridge karenetheridge take advantage of Test::Log::Dispatch to test logging, rather than us…
…ing a scalarref directly. also renaming the logger attr to not conflict with logger being Pinto::Logger itself.
@karenetheridge karenetheridge use the default test logger in creator as well, to silence creation o…
@karenetheridge karenetheridge Reassure the user that this test is not hanging e004262
@karenetheridge karenetheridge also optionally log to a file 10ca090

thaljef commented Apr 5, 2012

I've added this functionality to master, but I did a couple things differently. Most of all, I decided to make the log file mandatory, so there will always be some kind of record.

thaljef closed this Apr 5, 2012

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