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add some dist.ini details #9

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I had to add those details to locally do dzil commands.

  • define hidden authordeps that did not came with other dependencies and
  • add meta about repository and bugtracker that other plugins complain about otherwise

Though, I'm no dzil expert, there is a chance I did something wrong...


The authordeps make sense. Thanks for adding those.

The metadata stuff is supposed to be provided by the GitHub plugin. But if you're offline (or can't access the repository info for some reason) then the Support plugin does blow up. I find this really annoying, because I can't make a build when I'm offline. But I've lived with it for now.

Maybe the right thing to do is hard code the metadata as you've done (not like it changes very often). I should also look into patching the Support plugin. Maybe it should prompt or just warn if it can't find the metadata it needs.

What do you think?



I'm completely unsure - about how it works and even about my patch, because

  • I was online (but it definitely should work even when offline)
  • The hardcoded values I did obviously are not the correct ones after I forked the repo (minor issue).
  • I had to do that for all your other repos, too, which is a sign of overly explicitness.

So maybe it should just warn, ignore and go ahead (but not prompt).

Then again, "it" is probably Pod::Weaver::Section::Support and not expected to change for your case.

In contrast, I forked Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::FLORA (into ::SCHWIGON) where the
PluginBundle code derives the meta information statically via naming conventions.

This required quite some work to finetune, eg. ::FLORA uses lower-case whereas I
preferred Camel-Case, etc. but in the end it seemed to work quite well and leads to
a very short dist.ini. Maybe you could apply that similarly into your own ::THALJEF


Addendum after more meditation:
I would probably hard code the metadata to just go ahead.
There is no direct benefit from a PluginBundle for that issue.
Other repos do that, too, even Dist::Zilla itself.


I'm not a big fan of plugin bundles. To me, they make it to hard to see what is going on. And if you want to tweak it slightly (like skip the Pod tests) then it is a hassle, IMHO.

For the moment, I'm just going to continue living with the metadata irritation. I'll figure it out how to fix it later.

BTW: Big changes are coming to Pinto soon. Look at the "stacks" branch if you want to see it now.


The authordeps have been added to the dist.ini. I'm going to defer the metadata issue for now.

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Commits on May 10, 2012
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  1. +9 −0 dist.ini
9 dist.ini
@@ -7,6 +7,15 @@ copyright_year = 2011
version = 0.038
+; authordep Pod::Weaver::Plugin::StopWords
+; authordep Pod::Weaver::Section::Support
+repository.type = git
+repository.url = git://
+repository.web =
+bugtracker.web =
[GatherDir] ; everything under top dir
[PruneCruft] ; default stuff to skip
[ManifestSkip] ; if -f MANIFEST.SKIP, skip those, too
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