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StephPY VIM config


One Shot:

wget --no-check-certificate -O ./ && chmod +x ./ && ./


git clone git:// ~/.vim-config

# Be sure you backup your .vim (copy them by using cmd "cp ~/.vim ~/.vim.backup")
ln -s ~/.vim-config/.vim ~/.vim
# Be sure you backup your .vimrc (copy them by using cmd "cp ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc.backup")
ln -s ~/.vimrc ~/.vimrc

mkdir ~/.vim/bundle
git clone $HOME/.vim/bundle/vundle

vim +BundleInstall +qa

# If your vim is compiled with ruby:
cd $HOME/.vim/bundle/Command-T/ruby/command-t && ruby extconf.rb && make



Define a ~/.vimrc.local and set your config on (or bundles)


If you want to change the list of bundle, list them on ~/.vimrc.bundle. you can add just some bundle by adding them on ~/.vimrc.local

Using vundle plugin (to set unobstrusive plugins)

Plugin list:

Nom Description
Auto-Pairs Close ``[{('""')}]``
ack.vim Searching on project, this need ackbetterthangrep
bufexplorer Buffer explorer
comments.vim Comments code
Command-T (ONLY IF VIM is compiled with ruby) As on textmate, searching on project a file and open it
ctrlp.vim (ONLY IF VIM is NOT compiled with ruby) As on textmate, searching on project a file and open it
nerdtree File navigation
phpqa Php Quality check, Need +signs compilation of vim
sessionman.vim Save session, use old session, etc ...
supertab Some function for
syntastic Syntastic is a syntax checking plugin that runs files through external syntax checkers and displays any resulting errors to the user
taglist.vim Show methods, properties of a class
tlib This library provides some utility functions
vim-abolish Awesome replace
vim-addon-mw-utils Some utils
vim-align Alignments
vim-fugitive Git tools
vim-instant-markdown Render your .markdown files on a browser, need node.js and a node.js plugin to work
vim-markdown Markdown tools
vim-phpdoc PHPDoc for classes, methods, vars, php5.3 compliant
vim-powerline Vim beautiful !
vim-snipmate As on textmate, easily add shortcut to create snippets
vim-surround Delete/change/add parentheses/quotes/XML-tags/much more with ease
vim-symfony Shortcuts for Symfony2
vim-twig Twig syntax
vundle Manage bundles


If command-t does not work, see "Trouble-shooting" section on

Useful configs

let g:pdv_cfg_Author="Stephane PY <>"
let g:NERDTreeShowHidden=1                                " show hidden files on nerdtree

colorscheme molokai


  • CTRL + C -> to comment line(s) selected
  • CTRL + X -> to uncomment line(s) selected
  • CTRL + P -> Command-T OR CTRL-P
  • CTRL + Y -> Open NerdTree navigation
  • CTRL + F -> Ack (search on project) Need ack (
  • CTRL + D -> phpdoc on class, methods, vars ...
  • CTRL + K -> Launch php code sniffer + phpmd
  • CTRL + W then (key) -> Align lines on key, check on AlignPlugin
  • CTRL + H -> Adding namespace of a file and the class name (php 5.3)
  • be -> Seeing buffer explorer