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My TTYTTER extensions

TTYTTER is a Twitter client written in Perl by Cameron Kaiser. Download it from:

Show details of a given tweet. Currently it shows the date and time, source and link to the tweet.

/info <tweet id>


h2> <iTomFoolery> Some days you’re a New Hope, other days you’re a Phantom Menace.
/info h2
-- Time: 6/10/2012 20:45:55 --
-- Source: Tweetbot for iOS ( ) --
-- Link to tweet --

Adds links in tweets to your Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later) account. For this extension to work, you need to have a file named .pocket in your extension's directory with your Pocket username and password in two lines. You may edit the .pocket.sample file and rename it to .pocket

/pocket <tweet id>


c4> (x3) <newsycombinator> How Linux 3.6 Nearly Broke PostgreSQL
/pocket c4
Added to Pocket!

Adds a separator line to your twitter feed. Useful to mark the location you last read, etc.




---------- 11:25 ----------