Sends Zendesk mentions to user's Slack
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Zendesk Mentions to Slack bot

This webtask checks for user/channel mentions in Zendesk and DMs the relevant Slack user or channel with ticket info. The webtask is triggered by Zendesk when a mention is detected in a comment. The format of the mention should be <@username>, <@Real Name> or <@channelname>.

How to setup the webtask

wt create --secret BOT_TOKEN=<Slack bot token goes here> slackmention.js

How to configure Zendesk

  1. In Settings > Extensions, create a new HTTP target with the webtask's URL as URL, POST as the method and JSON as the content type.

  2. In Settings > Triggers, create a new trigger with 'Ticket: Comment text...' as the condition, "Contains the following string" as the op, and <@ as the string. The performed action should be 'Notifications: Notify target' set to the HTTP target created in previous step. Set the JSON body as follows:

    { "id": "{{}}", "title": "{{ticket.title}}", "comment": "{{ticket.latest_comment}}", "author": "{{}}", "tags": "{{ticket.tags}}" }


wt update --watch slackmention slackmention.js