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Karthika - A Offline Tamil Wiktionary

This code repository contains the source files of the software Karthika, which is a offline Dictionary made using the Wiktionary data obtained from its XML dumps. The words and its meanings are parsed from the dump and are indexed using the Whoosh Search Engine. There are two kinds of indexing to be done:

  • creating the index of words and complete text associated with it - this results in large index size of about a few hundred megabytes and indexing takes more than a hour time in a average machine. This is the currently employed method in the and corresponding searching in

  • splitting the large XML dump file into smaller files and indexing the word and the associated filename. In this method the index size is about 30-40 megabytes in size and the xml chunks equal to the size of the original XML file. The time taken is about 5 min for splitting the files and 10 min for indexing. The splitting can be done using the file.


  1. The code for the second type of searching is being written and the way to include both types in the final software is being worked out.
  2. The current ouput is raw wiki markup text. Due to its unparseablity, raw text is being displayed. Steps are being taken to parse it and produce a readable content.


1. Whoosh

The indexing and searching are caaried out using the Whoosh Python Search Engine.

2. wxPython

The GUI is written using the wxPython library

How to use?

Before going down, download and install the dependencies mentioned above.

This following instruction is for the download of source code v0.1.0 from this repo:

  1. Download the code version v0.1.0 from here
  2. Unzip it in a suitable location to get the folder "tawiktionary-offline"
  3. Download the latest wiktionary XML dump from
  4. Create a directory inside the tawiktionary-offline folder named "wiki-files"
  5. Move the XML dump file into the wiki-files folder
  6. Run python and wait for the indexing to complete (you will see the words being indexed in the terminal)
  7. Run python and use the dictionary.

Note: As already stated the output is raw wiki-markup, just go through it and write a parser to print readable data, I would be glad to have a parser. :-P

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