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A library for the pentawall and playing around with it
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This repository contains a small python library to interact with the pentawall. It additionally contains several small applications using this library.

You can use the simulator if you don't have a pentawall handy.

This is the library. The LedMatrix class offers the following functions:

  • send_pixel(): Set a single pixel to the specified RGB value. Coordinates start at 0x0 (as opposed to the undelying protocol).
  • send_image(): Sends a Python Imaging Library image to the wall
  • send_raw_image(): Send a raw image consisting of $height lines of $width RGB pixels. The data is supposed to be a string(-like) object containing binary data.
  • send_clear(): Resets the whole screen to black
  • change_priority(): Changes the priority of the connection. Default is 1 and higher priority connections paint over lower priority connections.
  • close(): Closes the connection to the pentawall

The address of the server can be passed to the object in its constructor, is copied from the environment variable LEDWALL_IP or defaults to 'localhost'.

Flow control is respected. Any function call sending a command to the pentawall might block if there are more than lazy_resp (default is 10) unacknowledged commands.

The following helper functions are available:

  • const_loop(): Calls a function with a constant interval. It loops as long as the called function returns True. Use this function to get constant framerates.


You should specify the IP address of the pentawall in the environment variable LEDWALL_IP. If you are at the c3d2 HQ type the following line into your POSIX compatible shell:

export LEDWALL_IP=ledwall

If the environment variable LEDWALL_PRIORITY is set the specified priority will be set at the initialization of the matrix.



A snake game with built-in chaotic massive multiplayer experience. To start the game simply run:


You can add -p [0-5] to prefer a player id and its color. A random free player id will be assigned to you if you did not specify an id or it was already taken.

With --direct or -d you deactivate input buffering which is more direct and might be more suitable for you.

You will automatically play together with everybody else playing in your subnet. Every player should use the same output device as each client only paints the output of the corresponding player.

The network protocol is based on pure chaos and might have many bugs. Feel free to report any undetected collisions and duplicate targets.


A pacman eating the previos content of the ledwall


Game of Life

Conways Game of Life wrapped to fit the screen. Start it with:

./ $SEED

$SEED is the initial configuration file. Some seeds are in gol_seeds/.

Fading Text

A scrolling text with fading colors

./ "My text"

Image Viewer

A simple image viewer scaling the image down keeping the aspect ratio without cropping:

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