Vue.js plugin for lazy load with IntersectionObserverApi
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Vue.js Lazy This

Lazyloading component using Intersection Observer API. This plugin will help you to show and hide component base on viewport showing


npm install vue-lazy-this


yarn add vue-lazy-this


On javascript file

import LazyThis from 'vue-lazy-this'

Vue.use(LazyThis, options)


const DEFAULT_OPT = {
  config: {
    rootMargin: '50px 0px',
    threshold: 0.01
  minimumIntersectionRatio: 0,
  visible: false,
  autoUnobserve: true

Vue.use(LazyThis, DEFAULT_OPT)

On template

    <img slot="onEnter" src=""/>
    // In case not show on view port yet
    <img slot="onNotEnter" src=""/>



Minimum ratio for intersection for display component

default: 0


Auto UnObserve when Component out of view port. This feature will make component permanently visible after first trigger.

default: true


Support native options for IntersectionObserverAPI follow this link

default: { rootMargin: '50px 0px', threshold: 0.01 }