Humans++ Bluetooth Framework.
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Humans++ Bluetooth Framework for Hapwear.


  1. Make a folder for this, and go inside that folder, lets call this folder {1}

  2. git clone . (with the dot, and without this note)

  3. Open eclipse

  4. File | Import | Existing Projects into Workspace

  5. Select the Root folder = folder {1} created above

  6. Connect your android phone to your computer with an usb cable

  7. Press F11 (if you're on Mac, let me tell you how sucky the hotkeys scheme is, find the run button then).

  8. Profit!

#PULL UI This is the UI for our Android app. It relies on the MapQuest API. Most of the code that will need to be looked at is in src/com/mapquest/android/samples/


  • If testing on phone, set useOnPhone to true in

  • This is based off of the MapQuest samples, so we need to change the app's icon and titles. There may still be some code that we can strip out.

  • The "Set Time" button does not work because of an issue with having to extend FragmentActivity (RouteItineraryDemo extends SimpleMap, so it can't extend FragmentActivity as well). Will ask Sharad for workaround.