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This sample is base on Sming MQTT Sample and Koor.IO MQTT Service

As you know, Sming is a good Framework to work with ESP8266. In this example, we will use ESP8266 to push data to Koor.IO by MQTT Protocol.


To start this example, you need to install Sming Framework, and have an account on

  • An Account on Koor.IO
  • Create a Project, a Custom Field on Koor.IO
  • Install Sming Framework on your machine


You need to clone this source code to your machine. After that, you create your own config.h file.

cp include/config.h.sample include/config.h

Next, you custom config.h to match your Wifi network and your Project on Koor.IO

// WIFI config
#define WIFI_SSID "PleaseEnterWifiSSID"
#define WIFI_PWD "PleaseEnterWifiPassword"

// MQTT config
#define MQTT_HOST "PleaseEnterMQTTHost"
#define MQTT_PORT 1883
#define MQTT_TOPIC "PleaseEnterMQTTTopic"


After the installation, you just need one command to build and charge your source code to ESP8266

make flash


You just need to open Web Browser and access Koor.IO, go to the detail page of the custom field to see the chart of the data.