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Note that everything is experimental and may change significantly at any time. Also it still has missing alert and dashboard definitions for certain components, e.g. rule and sidecar. Please feel free to contribute.

This directory contains extensible and customizable monitoring definitons for Thanos. Grafana dashboards, and Prometheus rules combined with documentation and scripts to provide easy monitoring experience for Thanos.

You can find more about monitoring-mixins in the design document, and you could check out other examples like Prometheus Mixin.

The content of this project is written in jsonnet. This project could both be described as a package as well as a library.



The content of this project consists of a set of jsonnet files making up a library to be consumed.

We recommend to use go-jsonnet. It's an implementation of Jsonnet in pure Go. It is feature complete but is not as heavily exercised as the Jsonnet C++ implementation.

To install:

go get


thanos-mixin uses jsonnet-bundler (the jsonnet package manager) to manage its dependencies.

We also recommend you to use jsonnet-bundler to install or update if you decide to use thanos-mixin as a dependency for your custom configurations.

To install:

go get

An e.g. of how to install a given version of this library: jb install

Use as a library

To use the thanos-mixin as a dependency, simply use the jsonnet-bundler install functionality:

$ mkdir thanos-mixin; cd thanos-mixin
$ jb init  # Creates the initial/empty `jsonnetfile.json`
# Install the thanos-mixin dependency
$ jb install # Creates `vendor/` & `jsonnetfile.lock.json`, and fills in `jsonnetfile.json`

To update the thanos-mixin as a dependency, simply use the jsonnet-bundler update functionality:

$ jb update


This project is intended to be used as a library. You can extend and customize dashboards and alerting rules by creating for own generators, such as the generators (alerts.jsonnet and dashboards.jsonnet) that are use to create examples. Default parameters are collected in defaults.jsonnet, feel free to modify and generate your own definitons.

  querier+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-querier',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sQuerier' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  store+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-store',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sStore' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  receiver+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-receiver',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sReceiver' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  ruler+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-ruler',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sRuler' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  compactor+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-compactor',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sCompactor' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  sidecar+:: {
    jobPrefix: 'thanos-sidecar',
    selector: 'job=~"%s.*"' % self.jobPrefix,
    title: '%(prefix)sSidecar' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  overview+:: {
    title: '%(prefix)sOverview' % $.dashboard.prefix,
  dashboard+:: {
    prefix: 'Thanos / ',
    tags: ['thanos-mixin'],
    namespaceQuery: 'kube_pod_info',

You can format your code using:

$ make jsonnet-format


This project is intended to be used as a library. However, it also provides drop-in examples to monitor Thanos.


Although all the required dependencies are handled by Makefile, keep in mind that in addition the dependencies that are listed above we have following dependencies:


gojsontoyaml is used to convert generated json definitons to yaml.

To install:

go get


To generate examples after modifying, make sure jsonnet dependencies are installed.

$ make jsonnet-vendor

and then

$ make examples

Make action runs the jsonnet code, then reads each key of the generated json and uses that as the file name, and writes the value of that key to that file, and converts each json manifest to yaml.

Make commands should handle dependecies for you.

Test and validate

You validate your structural correctness of your Prometheus alerting rules or recording rules with:

$ make example-rules-lint

Check out test.yaml to add/modify tests for the mixin. To learn more about how to write test for Prometheus, check out official documentation.

You test alerts with:

$ make alerts-test

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