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Grunt Closure Tools :: Changelog

Grunt 0.4.x Versions

  • v0.8.3, 22 Apr 2013
    • If checkModified: true issue fixed correctly.
  • v0.8.2, 21 Apr 2013
    • If checkModified: true and the files not chaged the task does not fail.
  • v0.8.1, 17 Apr 2013
    • Added temporary feature to enable merging and overriding of the compilerOpts in the closureCompiler targets. Feature will be available until #738 will be fixed.
    • Added new option: execOpts. It allow to pass custom options to exec method.
  • Bug fixes 1.
  • v0.8.0, 28 Mar 2013
    • Changed internal API, it's a breaking change the package is required as an npm packaged.
    • Colors changed in build stats output.
  • v0.7.7, 19 Mar 2013
    • Removed the compiling time optimization for now, it fails the travis tests.
  • v0.7.6, 19 Mar 2013
    • helpers.makeParam() - if param is an array, makeParam() should return a flat array after expanding its items with grunt.file.expand and not an array of arrays. By @centi #22
    • Added two options on the compile command to speed up compiling time. Tip from @igorminar on this commit.
    • Moved repository to the closureplease organization.
  • v0.7.5, 16 Mar 2013
    • Now works if *.py have no execution permission. By teppeis #21.
    • Minor bug fixes in tasks.
  • v0.7.3, 16 February 2013
    • Lots of bug fixes on compiler task, it was broken. Thanks @hallettj
    • Made a closure mock, the closure compiler and closure tools (bin file), npm development dependencies.
    • Added integration tests and travis CI
  • v0.7.2, 11 February 2013
    • Created infra for tests.
    • Extended the command runner helpers API to support silence execution.
    • Created the closure options library which contains options from the actual python and java google closure tools.
  • v0.7.1, 10 February 2013
    • Exposed the internal API for use with node.
  • v0.7.0, 10 February 2013
    • Complete refactoring. New API. Grunt 0.4.x compatible.

Grunt 0.3.x Versions

  • v0.6.13, 09 February 2013
    • Plain version bump. Last version to support Grunt 0.3.x
  • v0.6.12, 12 December 2012
    • fixed issue #14, when closureBuilder run from a grunt watch task, the root param got lost.
    • Internal file/folder structure works by scottlangendyk
  • v0.6.11, 07 December 2012
    • Added support for symlinks in file/path parameters (for compiler, builder, and depswriter), using stat.isFile() || stat.isSymboliclink() #12 (by jbenet).
  • v0.6.10, 06 December 2012
    • DepsWriter outputs to a file named undefined if configured output_file does not exist #11 (by scottlangendyk).
  • v0.6.9, 04 December 2012
    • DepsWriter's closureLibraryPath and output_file paths now parse Grunt's directives.
  • v0.6.8, 03 December 2012
    • checkModified option was being ignored. Fix by izb #10
  • v0.6.7, 30 November 2012
    • Fixes bug in makeParam helper func as mentioned by @alex88 at #9
    • Made percentage calc have a max of 2 decimals
  • v0.6.6, 28 November 2012
    • Compiler: Made the built in 'data checking' feature optional, added the checkModified option as per nicolacity's suggestion on issue #8.
  • v0.6.5, 27 November 2012
    • Builder: closureLibraryPath, inputs, root directives now parse grunt directives.
    • Compiler: Fixed percentage, now shows how much the compile file gets reduced.
  • v0.6.4 :: 03 October 2012
    • Fixed crashing bug with call in 2 tasks/closureCompiler.js (by nicolacity)
    • Upgraded grunt dependency to 0.3.16
  • v0.6.3, 06 August 2012
    • Converted the compiler core functionality from a multitask to a helper (by izb)
    • Added check on modified dates so that compiler skips files it doesn't need to compile (by izb)
    • If defined output directory for compiler does not exist, we now create it (by izb)
    • Compiled output file can now use dynamic file names (by donaldpipowitch)
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