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Grunt Task mantriBuild

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The mantriBuild task bundles and minifies all your application's code base and third-party dependencies.

The purpose of the configuration is to point Grunt to your mantriConf.json file where the Mantri build operation will look for further instructions on how to build your application.


The mantriBuild task requires that you define the path to the mantriConf.json file using the src option.


Type: string Default: 'mantriConf.json'

The path to your mantriConf.json file.

src: 'mantriConf.json'


Type: string Default: 'app.min.js'

The destination file to store the output.


Type: boolean Default: false

Set the debug option to true to view debugging information about the task as it executes.

Example Build Files

A common case for a Project that has the Document Root in the subfolder static:

mantriBuild: {
  target: {
    src: 'static/mantriConf.json',
    dest: 'static/js/build/app.min.js'

Enabling the debug option:

mantriBuild: {
  target: {
    options: {
      debug: true
    src: 'static/mantriConf.json',
    dest: 'static/js/build/app.min.js'
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