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Imgur Clop Compilation

This is the Imgur Clop Compilation (ICC), a repository of MLP:FiM porn comprised of many imgur albums uploaded by various authors. The content is organized in folders by common themes like characters or fetishes.

By default, deduplication is performed to reduce the number of extra files that would otherwise increase archive download size. File suffix correction is also performed for sensitive image viewers like Eye of GNOME.

Since albums can get larger over time as new content is added, this collection comes with a shell script to synchronize with albums online, but it will only work in Unix-like systems like GNU/Linux or environments like Cygwin for Windows. Even if the script is not able to run, it will not impede on the ability to view files that come in each release of the ICC. Code for the script is publicly available if you want to benefit from new features and bugfixes. You can also submit feature requests and bug reports.


v3 - Milestone release with over 11,000 images


If you have a clop album or patch you would like to share, check out

Special thanks

  • Artists who drew and uploaded their work
  • Users who found the images and uploaded them onto Imgur
  • Git project for making version control sane
  • GNU project for the various utilities needed for scripting
  • 7zip project for a powerful file archive format
  • Github for hosting this project's git repository