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Django Rest User Invitation

Build Status

The primary aim of this python package is to provides a simple user invitation strategy for django rest framework, where users can be invited using invitation tokens (by sending email to the provided e-mail address).

This package provides a REST endpoint that verifies an token and set the password for that particular user.

Quick Start

  1. Install the package from pypi using pip:
pip install drf-simple-invite
  1. Add drf_simple_invite to your INSTALLED_APPS (after rest_framework) within your Django settings file:

    # Third party apps
    'rest_framework',  # utilities for rest apis
    'rest_framework.authtoken',  # token

    # Simple Invite

    # Custom User Model
  1. This package provides an endpoint, which can be included by including drf_simple_invite.urls in your as follows:
from django.conf.urls import url, include

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'api/v1/invite/', include('drf_simple_invite.urls', namespace='drf_simple_invite')),

Note: You can adapt the api-url to your needs.


The following endpoints are provided:

  • POST ${API_URL}/ - invite the user by sending the email as parameter
  • POST ${API_URL}/{invitation_token} - set password token by using the invitation_token parameter

where ${API_URL}/ is the url specified in your (e.g., api/v1/invite/) and {invitation_token} is base64.urlsafe encoded uuid token. Since it is unsafe to use plain uuid, always make sure that the {invitation_token} is base64.urlsafe encoded

TODO: Configuration / Settings / Management Command

The following settings can be set in Django file:

  • DJANGO_REST_INVITATION_TOKEN_EXPIRY_TIME - time in hours about how long the token is active (Default: 24)

Please note: expired tokens are automatically cleared based on this setting in every call of post method on this endpoint.


  • invitation_token_created(sender, instance, invitation_token) - Fired when a reset password token is generated
  • pre_password_creation(user) - fired just before a password is being set
  • post_password_creation(user) - fired after a password has been set
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