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This Page, or no, this project is about doing an 2D RPG game that aims for not less but to be the role playing game that I ever wanted to have in my childhood. 20 years had passed. Dunno if this will ever lead to something. But lets say: Its something.


#About Well. All I want to write right now is, that I decided to use phaser.io. I see some flaws in it when it comes to efficient tiled layering. But henche. F**k perfomance and concentrate on the Game.


18. April
Got even laysier and moved this Stuff to Git-Hub. Did the first things so far. Stuff is working out somehow.

12. April
Starte mit einem neuen Ansatz. Neue Seite. Alles plain. Es wird sich zeigen wie weit die Reise geht. Macht keinen Sinn eine tolle Seite zu haben ohne 'irgend etwas'. Brauche aber eine Seite um meine Gedanken zu ordnen.


  • Create a Sprite-Class that can walk animated[✓] and gotoXY position[✓]
  • Create a Stage-Group that loads Graphics[✓] Tilemap[...] and read Properties[ ]
  • Morph Sprite-Class to primary Entity class[] and an new user controlled class[].
  • Implement Entity-Description[] width loaders[]
  • Make the Map collide[ ] make objects collide[ ]
  • Do warp from one map to another[ ]