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iOS Ports Library
Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 Bindle Binaries
0.7 2013-01-24
- Changing arguments for external build tool argument from "all" to
$(ACTION). (syzdek)
- Fixing typos in README. (syzdek)
- Fixing compile problems with iOSPorts when compiling for iOS
simulator. (syzdek)
- Updating OpenSSL to version 1.0.1c. (syzdek)
- Updating Cyrus-SASL to version 2.1.25. (syzdek)
- Updating OpenLDAP to version 2.4.33. (syzdek)
- Updating PCRE to version 8.31. (syzdek)
- Updating global disclean target to distclean all packages. (syzdek)
- Adding shared Xcode schemes for targets. (syzdek)
0.6 2012-05-30
- Updating project files for Xcode 4.3. (syzdek)
- Adding flag to PCRE project to "Skip Install" when building
libpcre.a. (syzdek)
- Adding quick start instructions for Xcode 4. (syzdek)
- Adding OpenSSL as a target dependency for scrypt port. (syzdek)
0.5 2012-02-14
iOS Ports
- Reverting supported architectures back to armv6, armv7. (syzdek)
- Toggling "Skip Install" in the Xcode project files to "YES" in order
to allow projects linking to iOS Ports to be distributed with a
Ad-Hoc provisioning profile. (syzdek)
- Refactoring iOSPorts library to simplify the code base and to reduce
the library to a just providing package information without providing
a framework for presenting the package information. The framework
is being migrated to BindleKit. (syzdek)
- Adding flag to iOSPorts project to "Skip Install" when building
libiOSPorts.a. (syzdek)
- Importing scrypt package from lhunath. (
0.4 2011-09-04
iOS Ports
- Moving library's Xcode project from root of iOS Ports to avoid
confusion by users. (syzdek)
- Modernized project. (syzdek)
- Updating README to clarify a few points. (syzdek)
- Creating workspace for iOS Ports. (syzdek)
- Creating TODO list. (syzdek)
OpenLDAP, Cyrus-SASL, OpenSSL
- Changing dependencies to avoid Xcode crashes. (syzdek)
- Modernizing project. (syzdek)
- Moving example code to new example directory. (syzdek)
- Modernizing project. (syzdek)
- Moving example code to new example directory. (syzdek)
0.3 2011-05-16
iOS Ports
- Creating group for examples. (syzdek)
- Updating projects to use Xcode4. (syzdek)
0.2 2011-01-05
- Updating OpenLDAP example to use TLS connections. (syzdek)
0.1 2010-12-03
iOS Ports
- Standarding Xcode project files to latest iOS SDK root rather than
a specific iOS SDK root to ease future tranistions to newer iOS SDK
versions. (Syzdek)
- Standarding Xcode project files to deployment target of 3.1.
iOS SDK 3.1 was chosen due to a lack of a test device for iOS SDK
3.0. (syzdek)
- Standarding Xcode project files' build settings on LLVM GCC 4.2
instead of GCC 4.2. (syzdek)
- Adding iOS Ports Library which provides a mechanism for adding
acknowledgements to an iOS Application per licensing requirements
of a ported package. (syzdek)
- Starting ChangeLog for project. (szyzdek)
- Updating OpenLDAP to demonstrate simple bind and SASL bind with
multiple mechanisms. (syzdek)
- Updating OpenLDAP example to use test LDAP server. (Syzdek)
- Updating PCRE package name in port Makefile. (syzdek)
0.0 2010-11-05
- Hello World (syzdek)
- Adding port of OpenSSL (syzdek)
- Adding port of Cyrus SASL (syzdek)
- Adding port of OpenLDAP (syzdek)
- Adding port of PCRE (syzdek)
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