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Gulp Boilerplate

Personal Gulp boilerplate for basic frontend web projects.

GitHub Release License

Project Features

  • jQuery
  • Modernizr
  • Picturefill
  • Metaquery
  • Velocity

Build-Task Features

  • Sass Suport
  • Pug Support
  • Image Optimization
  • SVG-Sprite Generation
  • WebP Generation
  • Bourbon Integration
  • Browser-Sync Integration
  • Auto-Prefixer Integration
  • Source-Map Integration
  • Resource Minification
  • Notification Support

Browser Compatibility

  • Evergreen Browsers
  • IE 10+


Run the default task by executing gulp. Run specific tasks by executing gulp <task>.

  • default
    Runs the reset, setup, build and serve tasks.

  • build
    Runs the common, templates, styles, scripts, images and icons tasks.

  • serve
    Starts browser-sync which is serving files from the public directory.

  • setup
    Runs bower install to install dependencies defined in the bower.json file.

  • reset
    Cleans up the public directory by deleting all generated files.

  • common
    Copies general files from the source directory root to the public directory.

  • template
    Compiles pug templates and writes them to the public directory.

  • style
    Compiles scss files and writes them to the public directory.

  • script
    Processes javascript files and writes them to the public directory.

  • image
    Reads images from the images directory and copies them to the public directory.

  • icon
    Reads SVG files from the icons directory and generates a sprite including a scss file.

  • package
    Creates a ZIP file from files in the public directory.


  • watch
    Use the -w or --watch flag on any task to enable file-watching and automatic re-run on changes.

  • optimize
    Use the -o or --optimize flag on any task to enable optimizations for production output e.g. minification etc.

  • force
    Use the -f or --force flag on any task to force it running without using caches.

  • production
    Use the -p or --production flag on any task to skip tasks which are irrelevant on production environments.