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This repo contains several scripts to help with running a PHP webserver and Teamcity for testing. These are designed to be used on a "java" smartos instance (

Setup an nginx virtual host each time you run a build:

  • -d is for domain
  • -w is for web directory (ie web root), the full path.
  • -p is for fastcgi_param paramaters (you can set environment variables with this). You can add more than one as well. See my second example below. Don't use spacing or funky characters.

Have teamcity run:

bash -w /home/admin/BuildAgent/work/path/goes/here -d -p myvariable=valuehere

I run mine like so:

bash -w -d -p servertype=testing -p anothervariable=hello

The path/to/web/root is where you want the nginx virtual host file to point at. This will setup the nginx virtual host file and set the permissions withing the web root.

Fix java's ssl issue

This is swiped from:

Simply run bash as root.

If your on windows, see: