building stuff at the DPLA hackathon
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Coming up with fun things I can do with DPLA data. Wanted an excuse to use the pretty Verite Timeline.


  • build query
  • harvest and parse response
  • clean up json quirks so Timeline can read the result
  • output Timeline-formatted json (including hardcoded start date)
  • HTML page
  • allow for user input of search terms
  • allow for user input of the limit parameter


  • better handling of dates (e.g. when the standard date field returns only a year, or something spurioius, do I want to harvest source-specific data?)
  • generate a logical start date
  • figure out a way of dealing with annoying NPR embeds spawning iTunes a million times (suppress, replace with better multimedia, etc.)
  • get better embeds from biodiversity library
  • get image files, not web page, from OldSF
  • deal with NaN dates
  • redirect from user input page to timeline page; how does cherrypy find that page?
  • style search page