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Issue with DZI processing #18

malaterre opened this Issue Nov 7, 2012 · 6 comments


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There is an inconsistencies when constructing URL for the DZI method. The configure function reads as:

dziPath = url.split('/');
dziName = dziPath.pop();
dziName = dziName.substring(0, dziName.indexOf('.'));

while it should read:

dziPath = url.split('/');
dziName = dziPath.pop();
dziName = dziName.substring(0, dziName.lastIndexOf('.'));


I can confirm this bug report.

The issue occurs when there is more than one dot in the file name. In that case, the current code in Seadragon 0.9.84 truncates the name at the first dot instead of just removing the portion after the last dot, which is the behavior that is desired. This bug causes deepzoom requests to IIPImage Server to fail because the URL for the server is formatted as:

Seadragon then requests the tiles using /path/to/image, which fails because it should be /path/to/image.tif

I tested the fix posted above by malaterre by changing line 5706 in SeaDragon 0.9.84 to:
dziName = dziName.substring(0, dziName.lastIndexOf('.'));

After this change, SeaDragon made correct tile requests to IIPImage


In the previous comment, the SeaDragon version number should read 0.9.82.

@ghost ghost assigned iangilman Jan 12, 2013


thatcher commented Jan 30, 2013

I have this in my local trunk, will commit it very soon and ping this ticket. thanks for the catch

@ghost ghost assigned thatcher Jan 30, 2013


thatcher commented Feb 2, 2013

Fixed in trunk and on the web for review. the current site is http://thatcher.github.com/openseadragon

Please let me know if still leaves the issue unresolved.


@thatcher thatcher closed this Feb 13, 2013

Hi. This issue appears to be back in 1.1.1. I have reverted to 1.0.0 but when I tried 1.1.1 I was also seeing requests for tiles in the form:


as opposed to the correct form:


Hopefully it has a similarly simple fix, but the lines above, setting dziName, don't appear to be present in 1.1.1.

Thanks, Jeremy


iangilman commented Dec 1, 2014

Looks like we're mishandling the query string case. This is likely due to openseadragon/openseadragon#378. Would you be up for adding some logic that supports your case?

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