Some basic java to help integrate the Rhino engine into the Servlet environment
JavaScript Java Shell


Rhino-for-Webapps : A JavaScript bridge for Google App Engine

Rhino-for-webapps is a simple bridge technology for enabling development of
webapps with javascript in proven containers like Jetty, Tomcat, and of course
Google AppEngine. It provides as little as possible and is not itself an
application framework, only the lowest common denominator.

Rhino is of course Mozilla’s wonderful javascript engine for use in the jvm,
giving you both the elegance of the javascript language and E4X along with
the leverage of being able to script with java libraries for image manipulation,
data storage and analytics, network i/o operations etc.

Web Site

(witten with Javascript, running on this software, on Google AppEngine)

Running with bundled Jetty server:

$>cd /path/to/rhino-for-webapps/
$>./ start

Then visit http://localhost:8080/

Running in Tomcat

Put it in tomcat/webapps/ROOT and visit http://localhost:8080/

Running in Google App Engine

$> /path/to/appengine/bin/ /path/to/rhino-for-webapps/

Building Source

  • project is ready to go
  • source files lib in WEB-INF/classes

@$> ant @

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