CakePHP Behaviour to make BLOBs and CLOBs work with an Oracle Datasource
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Written for 1.2.5

This is a behaviour to fix CakePHP's handling of LOB fields with an Oracle Database.

Outline of how it works:

Download this package to app/plugins/oracle_lob. 'app/plugins/oracle_lob' should contain this Readme file if you did it correctly.

In model.php:
    var $actsAs = array('OracleLob.OracleLob' => array('blobs' => array('blob_field'), 'clobs' => array('clob_field')));

On a call to save or find:
The behaviour checks the fields being saved or found for the fields specified above. If any are found they are removed and stored internally. On a save call, $Model->processData($fieldName, $data) is called to allow further processing. After the main call further calls are done to find/save the BLOB or CLOBs.

Upgrades to do:
Let the Behaviour automatically determine BLOB/CLOB fields.
Also cope with LOB fields (Will be coupled with a slightly re-written datasource).
Finally - rewrite the datasource to cope with BLOB, CLOB and LOB fields, making this behaviour obsolete.