a game I'm working on for the Seven Day Rogue Like Challenge
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7dRL - The Mind Eater

This game was made for the Seven-Day Rogue-Like challenge. Two big firsts for me: first game, first time using git for something, first python project of any length. If you see this project and think "why didn't he do THIS?" let me know because so much of this is new to me. Thanks for reading!

How to run this:

You need Python 2.7 to run this game. After that, switch to the appropriate branch for your platform here, either mindeater-mac or mindeater-windows. There are a couple of buttons to do this above the file listing.

From that branch, you can download all the files, specific to your platform, into a zip. Extract that, and get into a command prompt/terminal window in that directory.

Then you can just use 'python MindEater.py' from a command line to start the game.

If you run into any problems making this work with these instructions, please let me know!