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Accessible Calendar

This repo contains code for a HTML and CSS only accessible calendar.


The calendar is contained in a table, since a calendar is basically a data table of dates and events.

It would be really easy to recreate this table with loops in PHP or Javascript if you would like. A couple of notes:

  • Table cells that are holding spaces in the large-screen calendar that have no dates have the empty class on the <td>.
  • Table cells for dates with no events also have the empty class on the <td>.


The CSS in this repo is all in SCSS. The bulk of what you want has been localized in a component SCSS file called /source/scss/component/_calendar.scss.

The calendar displays as a typical wall calendar for large screens. It displays as a list of dates and events for small screens. (Also for small screens, dates with no events are hidden.)

All of the SCSS files in /source/base are either reset styles, SCSS variables, or miscellaneous styles to set up the page.