Recursive navigation in Backbone.js
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Recursive Navigation in Backbone.js

Author: Joni Halabi (


This component is a Backbone.js model and view that can be used to construct an infinitely deep navigation or nested list. All of the files for this component are in the /scripts/navigation/ directory.

Implementation Notes

The component includes an index.html file in the root directory that you can use to view an example of the view. The example is unstyled - feel free to add your own styles to meet your needs.

Important note: This component requires that you view it through a server and has been tested via Apache. It will not work if you just double-click on the HTML file to open it in your browser.

Navigation Model

The navigation model can contain a series of nested navigation objects. Each navigation object represents a new level of the navigation or list and contains 3 basic attributes:

  • title: This is the user-visible text for the item.
  • type: This specifies what kind of item this item is. The type can either be navigation (or a link), event, or title (or simple text).
  • value: This is the link or id of the item. The value is placed as the href attribute in the link tag for items of type navigation; it is placed as the ID of the link tag for items of type event.

The navigation model is populated with the information in /scripts/navigation/mock/navigationJSON.js via mockjax. This is here simply for demonstrative purposes and can be replaced with any REST call from your application.

Navigation View

The navigation view takes the model as a parameter and displays the navigationView Handlebars template. This template uses a Handlebars helper - navigationHelper - to call a nested navigationLevel template.

The navigationLevel template displays each item and then recursively calls itself if the given item contains a nested navigation object.

The navigation view includes another Handlebars helper - ifCond - that provides the templates with a more robust conditional statement.

Libraries Used

This component relies on several Javascript libraries. These libraries are in the /scripts/lib/ directory:

  • Backbone.js
  • Handlebars.js
  • jQuery 1.11.0 (dependency of Backbone)
  • Mockjax (used for the mock service)
  • Require.js
  • text.js (dependency of Handlebars)
  • underscore.js (dependency of Backbone)