Simple CSS-only menu
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Simple CSS-Only Menu

Author: Joni Halabi (


This simple navigation menu demonstrates how to create a main navigation menu with drop down sub-menus using just CSS.

What is in the HTML?

The HTML for the navigation is enclosed in the

tag, which contains 2 levels of navigation:

  1. Level 1 is an unordered list containing only the links in this first level. These links appear as a bar across the top of the navigation. Each element in the list can have a child unordered list.

  2. Level 2 is an unordered list containing the links in this second level. These links appear as a drop down menu below the hovered link in level 1.

What is in the CSS?

This project contains 2 CSS files:

  1. reset.css: Just a basic CSS reset, inspired by the Eric Meyers' CSS reset.

  2. menu.css: Contains the base styles for the menu, including all hover styles. The aesthetics are really basic and monochromatic; this CSS file was written with the idea that the developer end-user can customize the styles to match whatever website you are working on.